WOBC Winter 2018 Application

This application is due 11:59 PM December 5th
The schedule will be posted By December 8th
The manditory all station meeting will be held

Welcome to WOBC’s Host/DJ application. In order to better understand how your show will fit into WOBC’s programming, here’s a little background about the station. WOBC programming philosophy is informed by the freeform radio format and the community radio model.

In the freeform format, the DJ has full control over the content of their show (within FCC regulations of course). This is the opposite of the corporate radio model in which DJs are required to play a narrow selection of material to increase listenership and sell commercial time. In the absence of commercial pressures, seldom heard opinions and music find airtime on freeform stations like this one.

Radio stations that use the community radio model are governed, operated, and driven by the communities they serve. Recognizing that our listenership extends beyond the campus of Oberlin College, the community we serve includes Oberlin residents and the residents of Lorain County within our broadcast range. It is our goal that our programming reflects the diversity of opinions, musical tastes, and cultural backgrounds of our listenership. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to submit an application and no previous experience is necessary.

Tips for planning your radio show

- The best music radio shows are based around a theme or format that listeners can expect weekly.

- Focus on a specific subset of a genre (e.g. time period or geographic location) or use specific parameters to plan your show. For example, a show featuring African American Blues and Rock & Roll musicians from the 1950s would be preferable to simply "early Rock & Roll music."

- Feel free to explore unfamiliar musical territory. WOBC’s massive music vault is your main resource for inspiration and for finding those hidden gems to play on your show. We highly recommend exploring our collection before you apply.

- Talk and public affairs shows are meant to inform and involve our listeners. When applying for a public affairs show, think about how your show will engage your listeners in terms of content and presentation.

- Commit to spending a significant amount of time preparing for your music or public affairs show. Station staff can offer you support in applying for, planning, executing, and improving your program.

Feel free to contact wobc@oberlin.edu with any questions or concerns about your application.

Requirements and Expectations

- New and returning DJs and hosts must attend the all-station meeting and a training session before you go on the air.

- You are expected to abide by the terms of the WOBC Member Contract and operate equipment as described in training.

- You are responsible for attending your weekly show, arriving at least 15 minutes early, and finding substitutes for your time slot if you are unable to attend.

- Throughout the broadcasting season, you are expected to stick to the format you indicated on this application.

- A good radio show requires significant preparation. Please spend at least an hour preparing for each show.

- In addition to your weekly show and preparation time, we require that you spend at least one additional hour per week working on station projects in your chosen workgroup.

- Hosts under 18 will need permission from their parent/guardian.

Please provide the following information. If your show has multiple hosts, please include each host's information using the 'Add Another Host' option below.

Show title:
Full Name:
DJ Name (not required):
Class Year (if applicable):
Phone Number:
*You will receive most station correspondence via email so regular email access is encouraged.
T-number or Community ID Card number:
*Your T-number or community card ID number is required to grant you access to the station complex. Community ID cards will be provided to new hosts without Oberlin College IDs.

Add Another Host (click again if needed)

Today's date (mm/dd/yy):

Description for public listing. Please make your description brief and informative.

Please list your previous experience with radio, music industry, journalism, or audio engineering. If you've had a show on WOBC in the past, be sure to list the show's name, broadcasting season/semester, day of the week, and time of day. No experience is necessary.

Pick a genre:
pop/rock  electronic  jazz/classical  metal  punk  folk/country/blues  r&b/funk/soul  hip-hop  international  talk/public affairs  experimental  

Describe your show. How will your show serve the listeners of Lorain County? How will your show diversify or improve WOBC programming?

Availability: Uncheck the boxes in the table below for times when you are NOT available (checked = "Yes, I can do this time", unchecked = "I cannot/I have a conflict at this time").

  Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
8-9 am
9-10 am
10-11 am
12-1 pm
1-2 pm
2-3 pm
3-4 pm
4-5 pm
5-6 pm

Now that you've listed every time that you are available, please specify any preferences you may have for the scheduling of your show. Please give a number of specific times that you would prefer.

How long should your show be? The default show length is one hour, but certain genres are better suited to different lengths. For example, a punk or talk show may be better at 1 hour. A classical show might run 3 hours.

Please write a sample 1-3 hour (depending on your show-length preference) playlist in the space below. For talk and public affairs shows, please describe the show and explain how it will serve the listeners of Lorain County.